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It’s not my way to express my feelings via Facebook. But I really know, that those children love to take pictures in the good faith that I show their pictures to my family, my friends, my donors, that I show their pictures to the people in my country to make them known here in Austria.

Their hope is, that those pictures awaken the interest of the people in Austria. They have the hope that people are interested in their lives and they appreciate the children’s strength. So taking a picture gives them hope and makes them feeling being loved somewhere out there. Yesterday one of my beloved friends passed away. I can’t even impress how painful it is to sit in Europe while I know that one brother of this big family went to the almighty father already. I would love to be with all of you to just get the feeling of being a family again.

Since I am here, I want to use the opportunity to introduce Tinei to you, who reads this. Tinei was a wonderful boy. He graduated in December 2012, by the time I was just five month in Zimbabwe. He was in the Pre-school I worked in and he was one of the “old ones” – so just six years old. Together with his brothers and sisters, he was practicing a dance for the graduation day. They all have been dresses well. We found some white dresses for the girls and white shirts for the boys in a donation box and some scarves, which we wrapped around our waist. Tinei loved the outfit and we worked hard to give a great performance. You can check the pictures further down.

Tinei was one of the quiet and considered boys with a beautiful smile. He could look at me if I was teaching in class and even if I was serious he still give me a smile. Tinei had a big heart he loved his brothers and sisters and he took good care for the younger ones. He wasn’t one of the boys who came in afternoon to make a walk through the forest, where the mango trees are. He was the one who stayed behind and welcomed us warmly after being back again. He didn’t snitch if we went for a walk he was like a man in the background who clears the way for us.

Tinei stayed in house eight. In my eyes, this is a blessed house. Cause they lived with a loving mother who taught them to take care of each other. Tinei and Ali often welcomed me on my way to the orphanage. Those boys could smile so that I even forgot my worries.

As a volunteer in a foreign country, there are ups and downs based on different issues like environment, culture, etc. BUT you also have those beautiful things, which makes you strong, which makes you feel lucky and which makes you feel welcomed and beloved. It’s the smile of the children and their shining eyes if they see you. The children faces gives you so much power that you never want to leave a place. I want to thank you Tinei for giving me the feeling of being home.

What I loved most about you was that you have been faithful. When I came back to Zimbabwe after two years, you have been one of those who remembered my name. You told the younger ones who I am and so the also loved me. They trusted you. It’s still unbelievable for me that I won’t see you, when I am coming back to Zimbabwe again. But the way I will remember you is always as a brave and kind young man. I am with you and your family and even with Makumbi with all my prayers.

I love you, Tinei and I want you to protect your brothers and sisters now. Thank you for all your love and the good memories I have.

Rest in Peace!

My “Mister Sunshine” <3


  1. i am so touched with your story.its true though.
    May we all find comfort in the Lord.
    I miss you Shamwari.
    Udzoke zvakare

    Comment by Gift chifamba — 8. März 2017 @ 15:33

  2. thank you gift
    i hope so too. that my faith.

    ndakauya shamwari. usare zvakanaka!

    Comment by magdalena — 21. März 2017 @ 20:03

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